Xbox ONE’s Exclusive TV Shows Hitting Early 2014

Xbox ONE Exclusive TV Shows

Microsoft has announced that their originally heavily rumored, hard to nail down television offerings will begin to heat up in the first and second quarters of next year. We reached out to Microsoft’s head PR department for comment on exactly what shows viewers can expect a while back but for now it seems they don’t want to spoil the surprise. 😉 What MS has done now is added to the expectation today is that in addition to content like the Halo TV Series they officially announced back in May.

Nancy Tellem of Microsoft announced today there will be “exclusives, exclusive first windows,” and “exclusive second windows” being offered to Xbox Live members in regards to film and television offerings going on to state that “Depending on the piece of content, the deals change.” so we’re going to have to wait it out and find out exactly what this materializes into.

In addition to this we’ve heard a lot of rumors for other content such as the revival of cult classic series Heroes (in the form of a Heroes 2) as well as something exclusive with HBO. Could this be still in the making? Only time will tell!

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