Can Apple Really Recover Their Brand w/ VR?

Apple VR Headset RealGamerNewZ

Apple VR could be just what the VR Industry needs and is missing. A brand that is surely capable of bringing an entirely different audience into the virtual reality world.

PlayStation and Xbox are converting to AMD APU computer gaming software architecture and parts. Android smartphone gaming is a clear and away winner over Apple’s strong and very well “improved” competition. Although it may make more money for developers to release with iOS gamers have spoken and the bulk of income is coming from titles on both platforms, not just one. Apple’s iOS gaming sales are likely to remain strong, but it’s not going to be possible anymore to drive a large amount of top tier game studios to go iOS only – those days are over.

Pair this with the fact that Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are reaching well deserved success with their spinoff of the Fire OS for home television streaming uses. Roku is strong in this space, some folks don’t even want a dedicated piece and go for Chromecast, and there’s always using the electronics you already own (PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, laptops, desktop PCs, etc.) and what that all boils down to is plain to see.

It’s too late for an Apple TV success, and it’s too late for an Apple TV gaming controller success. While Google seems to have completely missed the boat on its own device concepts, announcing after Fire TV moved a million units, that Android TV will be the project’s name and it will feature a curated app store with gaming as a focus and with gaming controller. But why wait until Amazon struck gold to jump on the bandwagon with a delayed, out of date concept?

Some great ideas exist with Android TV (a terrible name) or whatever they end up calling it in the end. But let’s be honest, people barely care about Fire TV as it is – they already own a lot of electronics. Apple TV with a gaming controller is going to be a very hard sell right now without any additional logic behind wanting a device beyond “it does my iOS games” because nobody cares about that.

With the recent loss of $40 billion in market value from just one day [s] (via @NinjaEconomics) China will no longer allow American media to be sold through iTunes including film and music. iPhone SE fails to meet sales expectations and iPhone 7’s big surprise is just “pre-touch”, the ability to use your touchscreen phone without literally touching it but instead touching the air just above it. This is said to be a major feature for ALL phones next-gen, not an Apple exclusive. The Samsung Note 5 already does this, but with use of a stylus.

Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S7 is selling in leaps and bounds, including “Buy 1, Get 1” deals as Samsung readies a new, even more innovative phone Galaxy S7 Active for release. Apple is being crushed and China has vested interests in Samsung coming out on top when the dust settles. The #1 reason is because Apple needs this and might be seeing the beginning of the end of its dominance in the tech field if not swift to jump on a risky bet for the cornerstone of our virtual lives future-tense.

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