Xbox ONE Exclusive Quantum Break Uses ‘Digital Molecular Matter’ System for Hyper Realism

Quantum Break Xbox ONE Exclusive 3

Photo-realism is not the only art style that can be used in video games but it is often the one that gets talked about the most. Gamers are on the edge especially with new next-generation consoles like Xbox ONE on the market. With titles like Quantum Break, gamers are looking to see hyper realism and Pixelux, the developer behind this Xbox ONE exclusive, has come forward to let us know technologically speaking how that’s going to happen.

Quantum Break Xbox ONE Exclusive 2

Real time destruction of various types of material has been made possible in the game by a system Pixelux refers to as Digital Molecular Matter (or DMM for short) platform for items to seemingly disintegrate either in real-time or slow motion on the Xbox ONE. What we’ve been shown so far of the title has been kept strictly under wraps (search around our Xbox ONE section long enough though and you’ll probably find we snuck a few clips on the air anyways – you know we’re renegades, that’s why you like us).

Quantum Break Xbox ONE Exclusive 4

There’s also a television show planned to be launching as part of the Quantum Break experience, though it’s unclear exactly how it all plays together. The game itself looks terribly interesting and could be a surprise hit among the Microsoft constituents. Players even get to switch places between hero and villain through junction points in the experience. Stay tuned to for more next-gen goodness as it becomes available.

Quantum Break is being developed by Remedy who has worked on titles such as Alan Wake as well as Max Payne and is being published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox ONE next-generation game console and all-in-one multimedia entertainment system.

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Quantum Break

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