What’s Up With These Maps? Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Maps Proving Unpopular Online

call of duty ghosts maps

Despite various improvements being made to the overall performance of the Call of Duty multiplayer segment seen this year’s Ghosts (developed by Raven Software for Activision) and especially the reduction in controller latency thanks to next-generation consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE, gamers are complaining about the game.

One issue that seems to be coming up during online matches, party chats, and podcast discussions among casual COD players, first person shooter veterans, and seasoned clans who’ve mastered the formula of the franchise, is the maps. “What’s up with these maps anyways?”, “I really hate the maps”, and “these maps suck” have become common catch phrases echoed across the gaming community ever since the day COD: Ghosts first released.

Excluding Free Fall which seems to have dropped off the map since next-gen started, most maps consist of a somewhat larger version of the same style areas we are used to. Unfortunately gamers have also been witnessing way less choke points and cover, way more ground to walk before you find action, and an illogical amount of hideaway passages, sniper sweet spots, and completely open objectives mixing together in a less than pleasing way. Raven Software have been making first person shooter games since the 90’s and are responsible for some of our favorite FPS titles here at the RGN staff, but Ghosts is just barely tolerable in terms of its fun factor being very low at times due to poor map design.


No matter how large or small the team you are facing is, it has become extremely common to see way too many areas where you can get shot from arising. In contrast to the old Call of Duty maps we’ve seen in previous titles, where there weren’t enough angles to get at a shooter from (causing them to dominate just by keeping their eye on 2 or 3 choke points), now we’ve been delivered a game with so many open-ended parts of each map that a bobble-head couldn’t keep track of them all.

Express your feelings on the maps below and look out for the second part of this piece where I’ll discuss some other recently released multiplayer games that I have a bone or two to pick with…

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