Metro: Last Light Chronicles Pack DLC Review

Metro Last Light Chronicles Pack DLC

Metro Last Light has the final piece of DLC out in their content from the season pack named The Chronicles Pack, this this piece of DLC there are 3 separate missions that will let the user see the game from three separate characters during the campaign at some point. Each have a different feel to them and are a very welcomed coming back to missions instead of wave based content.

The first piece of content the user will find themselves trapped in a prison being tortured by a guard. They will be playing as Pavel as he attempts to escape the prison relying heavily on stealth and low amount of ammo to get this done. Being over run by guards in this mission really adds the urgency to escaping which was nice to see. There is a lot of exploration to do which gives escaping lots of different choices and with limited ammo and lots of enemies. The piece of content will last about an hour and feels like the strongest of the three pieces of content in this DLC.

The second piece of content the user gets to play as Khan and he is accompanied by Uhlman as they move through the haunted tunnels to Polis Station. This mission has a lot more elements of the darkness and horror gameplay that was great during the single player of Metro Last Light. There is a lot of combat found in this chapter which feels repetitive since the mission can be completed in about 45 minutes without too much trouble. The beginning to the mission has to be one of my favorite parts with a huge explosion in the tunnel as a train is about to pass by.

The third and last piece of content the user plays as Anna this takes part during the first part of the campaign as she is providing sniper overwatch for Artyom. This mission is one of those pieces of content that you can tell was really an after thought since the mission is incredibly short being able to complete this in 15 at a very max. The sniping in this mission is great but way too short to be a solid piece of content.

The final verdict Metro Last Light has a decent season pass parts of it felt like they either slapped something together versus having well written content. The wave based content they added didn’t add well to the story at all and feels much better with more players not a single player content. As where this and the story missions were great pieces of content for this piece on content i would say that its worth picking up if you have the season pass and also worth the asking price of $4.99.

Overall Score: 7/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: 4A Games

Publisher: Deep Silver

Available On: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Windows PC

Played On: Windows PC

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