Pornhub for PlayStation 4 Controversy Revives War on Free Speech

Pornhub PS4

Pornographic website Pornhub has announced that they intend to make their website compatible with the PlayStation 4 and provide the optimal pornography experience on the console. It is currently unclear exactly how Sony feels about this and whether or not this could someday evolve into a partnership, but at this time it appears they mean to have you accessing the website through the PS4 Internet Browser (RealGamerNewz does not recommend this and if you do this you do so at your own risk). Read on though, because something more interesting is stemming from this than just people watching naughty flicks here and there on their next-gen consoles…

I’ve seen some strange debating against this being possible on the PS4. If somebody promotes ESPN on PS4, I don’t care and I just don’t watch it. I see no reason to complain though. If Anime websites support PS4, cool. I won’t watch it, but if I like Anime or not I see no reason for me to complain or try to censor what is possible on the console. People create pornography by choice and make their money doing pornography, why should we treat their work like it doesn’t have equal free speech rights as other media? I don’t understand why this is even a debate.

Personally I don’t see the issue. Porngraphic material can be viewed on all electronic devices. So a pornography website would like to gain exposure by announcing it will tailor its CSS code to work well with PS4’s web browser, so what?

As for people thinking it’s going to be a major selling point, it’s just not. This has not become a major selling point for the PS4. The PS4 is basically selling almost 100% based on the games the platform offers and the fact that it’s a next-gen console so early adopters want to be on the cutting-edge. I am on my PS4 right now and enjoying it a lot. I would never risk its health by using Pornhub on it, and honestly don’t find time for such a thing with over 5 free games installed plus whatever I manage to buy / rent.

Porn sites are often associated with pop-up ads, browser hijackers, trojan viruses, and yes that is a very interesting conundrum when speaking on this event. Basically, if Pornhub was going to be high class about it they should at least attempt sign a deal with Sony (if Sony would be so bold) and make a native app that is safe for PS4, anything less is just a vague promise that might not be worth its weight in salt.

Pornhub for PlayStation 4

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