Fallout 4 Reveal Imminent??


Fallout 4 has been rumored to be in development for years, with the occasional “hot rumor” making it’s way onto the web every now and then. From the Three dog voice actor tweets hinting at the characters return earlier this year to the game rumored to be a Cyberpunk setting. But never have I seen a more convincing evidence linking to a Fallout 4 reveal than the latest rumors found earlier this month.

A Website named the survivor 2299 has surfaced with content relating to Fallout, including the Famous Vault symbol and font, also the name the survivor 2299. This could be a reference to a new Character as it does sound like a name of a Fallout protagonist with names like, “The Vault Dweller”, and “The Lone Wanderer” etc. The 2299 is more than likely pointing to the year 2299 and makes sense as most of the fallout games have taken place in the 23rd century.

Not enough to convince you?? Fair enough..


The Website also contains morse codes with Coding relating to Zenimax Media the parent company of Bethesda Game Studios, the People who made Fallout 3 and Published Fallout 4. The Coding also contains a Series of Codes which relate to one of the Radio transmission coding found in Fallout 3 and the Radio chatter when decoded can be found referencing the Commonwealth in Boston, Massachusetts and was rumored a Year before to be the new location in Fallout 4.

Once the coding was also highlighted, Nuclear Winter is Here was found but the host of the website has now changed it to random coding.. and a Number which could be dialed, representing Vault tec and the music from tranquility lane could be heard when answered but for some reason, when I tried again earlier today the number no longer works?


And Lastly, There is a Countdown timer on the Site which counts down to December 11th whilst emitting a Radio analyzer noise.

Bethesda also recently Trademarked fallout 4 just last week on one of Europe’s most trusted Trademark sites as they did with Fallout 3 and Oblivion on the same site??

Whether its a Hoax designed by some very smart individuals or a Clear Reveal pointer, this news has already blown the internet up and I cant wait to see what December 11th will reveal to the world…If it is True but please, Take this as a pinch of salt as Trademarked games like Half-Life 3 have been a elaborate ruse after going through the same rumor cycle.

http://esearch.oami.europa.eu/copla/trademark/data/012311734 The Fallout 4 Trademark Link.

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