#GTAV PS4 / PC Versions: Will They Arrive? If So, When? [Latest Info Here]

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 Release Date

Recently the rumor has been re-kindled that PlayStation 4 and Windows PC will see their own versions of Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive’s Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) (our review here) (gameplay videos | info here)

What evidence Exists to support this claim? So far the response from this has been firm from PC gamers participating in a petition to Rockstar Games to make this happen, which gave birth to a counter-petition and then eventually led to the arrival of a malicious-code-containing Fake GTA V PC Virus file.

A PC version of Grand Theft Auto V has appeared on Germany’s Amazon (Amazon.de). Could this just be Amazon being hopeful or is there something we do not know about yet? Amazon.de listed a Windows PC copy for Grand Theft Auto V at 59,99 EUR but does that mean it actually exists? Looking at the video games’ and retailers’ close history together, it probably does, but this is far from confirmation.

GTA V PC Amazon

We reported not that long ago that E3 2013 saw the release of a particular announcement many were quick to glance over. At the annual worldwide-attended video games industry trade event it was announced that a Grand Theft Auto V Exclusive Sony Deal [was] Signed, First Step is GTA V PS3 Bundle. What was meant by this is that there exists reason to believe that the strengthening of the relationship between Rockstar Games, Take-Two Interactive, and Sony would extend beyond this announcement itself but also be indicative of possible future strategies.

Many players heard how the GTA V game was advertised almost as if it was a PlayStation 3 exclusive in many countries, perhaps that was a result of an increased promotional campaign between Sony and Rockstar / Take-Two. If so, this can be seen as a reason to believe later reports that are surfacing about a next-generation console iteration of GTA V.

A hacker who obtained a digital copy of the PlayStation 3 title through a glitch found in the pre-loading / digital day one system on PlayStation Network (causing Sony and Rockstar to temporarily take it down), recently revealed to the world that code was found in Grand Theft Auto V which could be evidence that the title will receive a Windows PC and PlayStation 4 release at some future time. This evidence is understood by gamers to be relevant to this sort of porting. It shows at least, that Rockstar / Take-Two have intent to consider these versions even if they don’t end up producing them.

GTA V Los Santos PS4 PC Release Date

Rockstar Games has before noted publicly that “if a market exists for it” they’d consider porting the game for the PC. Clearly the goings-on in the industry have shown that there is a market for it, but they may not all be willing to buy immediately. It might take a battle against piracy on the computer platform.

On the other hand, the massive success of Steam does provide a good amount of buyers. GTA has previously been published under Games for Windows Live, maybe this time we will finally see it become a Steam Exclusive. And maybe, just maybe, the reason PC gamers have to wait so long is because although there is piracy on consoles the piracy on Windows PC can sometimes be beyond tolerable.

For example, Gears of War was pirated a 55:1 ratio when compared to purchases according to Cliffy B and Epic Games. This was a huge part of the reasoning behind the decision to go completely Xbox 360 exclusive. Sure, Xbox 360 games show up on pirate boards. But these situations are easier to deal with and combat since players sign online to Xbox Live Gold very often and have less control over the programs running on their machines. Not to mention, the amount of pirates on the console is just a lot less.

GTA V Pirated - A Fan Art

Another interesting thing that happened, in regards to the Sony / Rockstar relationship strengthening was the way they began to word press releases regarding the PlayStation 3 versus the Xbox 360 in terms of patches coming in for Grand Theft Auto Online as well as the glitches being experienced by gamers worldwide. When they stated in the body of a press release that Sony’s PSN server system was responsible for some players not being able to log in, yet named the press release ‘PS3 Version of GTA Online Patched, Xbox 360 Owners Still Waiting’.

Seeing all of this take place, one can’t help but figure that this is to soften the blow of the news that Rockstar effectively debugged PSN for free in order to troubleshoot the problems PlayStation 3 gamers were having trying to get logged on. At least they still disclosed the information about the PSN bug which was found within their press release rather than hiding it completely though.

Of course, we’d be ignoring the obvious if we didn’t acknowledge the fact that Take-Two Interactive did say they had an “extraordinary pipeline of titles” currently in development when asked about the PlayStation 4 (and then known-as Xbox 720) next-generation consoles.

GTA V Meme

In terms of conclusive expectations, everything is still up in the air until official confirmation comes down from Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games themselves. This is the underground scene, the context with which the gaming press and public are being presented, and the pretext of factual evidence that exists before us in terms of what to expect going forward. It’s likely that a release date for Grand Theft Auto V (if one ever comes to exist at all) for Sony PlayStation 4 and Windows PC will be a ways out to make run for holiday spending on the existing install base of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

It seems reasonable to expect that if the game would release anytime in 2013 for PS4 or PC we would have seen marketing and advertising for it already. This could be a game we see some time between February – March of 2014, but likely no sooner than that and possibly later. Expecting a fully remade graphic set for the game and new features may be a fools’ errand however. Rockstar Games has already stated that they are working on the next edition of a highly known video game intellectual property (franchise), so it’s likely that the Windows PC and PlayStation 4 may see some kind of port instead of a full remake / remaster treatment of GTA V.

This seems to be another notion that we shouldn’t expect the release anytime soon, as to prevent saturation of the product’s availability thereby decreasing its value. GTA V has made itself over $800 Million in the first day alone, going on to become the fastest-selling video game of all time while racking up 7 World Records, and was even chosen to be a major piece of the 2013 New York Film Festival. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have likely printed a massive amount of Blu-Ray and DVD discs for the PS3 and 360 versions meaning there’s really no rush on their end and have all the time in the world to present re-prints / ports exactly the way that they want to.

GTA V Copies Sold PS3 vs Xbox 360

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