Fox Asks “Do You Believe Video Games Cause Murder?” 98% Say No; Data Supports

FOX POLL Violence vs Video Games

The FOX News public has spoken. In response to a poll put forth by FOX, 423,556 votes have been cast. 98% of these voters have said that they do not believe video games can be to blame for mass murders. Only 1% said yes while the remaining 1% were not sure. This should be no surprise since any fair amount of logic applied tells you that underlying mental issues and bad parenting are to cause for mass homicide incidents. Violent film, books, and video games are consumed by hundreds of millions of Americans and yet the murder rate continues to go lower and lower over time according to the FBI’s publicly released records.

In fact, if you do the research the release of PlayStation 2 marked a major crime rate drop which was dropped even lower once Grand Theft Auto 3 released for the system. Both of those events can be seen correlated with the FBI’s own data in the graphs shown below. Next time somebody tries to tell you that there are studies or facts to support this absurd claim, link to them to this post so they can get some factual data on the situation.

Violence vs Video Games - Part 2

Violent Crime Decreases When GTA Releases

Violence vs Video Games - Part 1

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