Angry Birds Go Announced; Go-Kart Racing Game Is Next For Facebook-Born Franchise

Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds is often criticized by gamers as being “not a real game”, “not for real gamers”, or “just a casual / Facebook game”. I’m not one for judging gaming merits these days. I’ve learned to live and let live. When it comes to our individual tastes, we all have our own way of looking at things. However, Angry Birds Go is sure to draw controversy as the age old joke that a game franchise turns to Go-Kart Racing when it’s on its last leg becomes a reality. The only catch here is that Angry Birds is not on its last leg, it’s actually financially a massive success.

Now the Facebook-Born franchise will probably end up receiving a massive amount of free advertisement by haters out there who would like to join together for a cheap laugh, and as a bi-product end up informing tons of prospective players that will inevitably end up playing the game. Somebody I know once told me, if you don’t like something don’t give it air-time. Details are slim to none for Angry Birds Go but will be coming down the line from Rovio Entertainment as we reach the coming months.

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