The Last of Us 1.03 Update Includes New ‘Interrogation’ Multiplayer Mode

The Last of Us Survivors Multiplayer Gore

The special executions in The Last of Us can be a real pain at times, but they are also just as satisfying as pouring salt into an opponent’s wounds when you can get away with them. In the 1.03 update coming soon to The Last of Us on Sony PlayStation 3 for free players will take advantage of these executions in a completely new way though. The new gameplay feature in multiplayer mode ‘Interrogation’ will challenge players with getting information out of players they down leading to the full disclosure of where the enemy’s hideout is at. If you play with my squad you’re going to have a hard time keeping your mouth shut when we get our boots on your necks, we play for keeps.

Other features of the 1.03 update will likely be a lot less popular than the addition of a new game mode though, but let’s keep the criticism civil folks. Items will be moved around, damage values will likely be tweaked, and players will now be able to stop  you from performing the up close and personal executions.

You can still shoot a guy when he’s down though to finish him off, which for me just makes more sense tactically. It’s also said there will be less items in the multiplayer online matches as they will respawn less. These changes are all meant to balance the game which may or may not happen. I, for one, hope that these changes weren’t designed by exploit artists who often beg developers using forums under the guise of suffering players in order to exploit the game on a higher level once the devs cave to their demands. Time will tell how the update really effects the game, for me it was perfect when it came out so I’m cautious about accepting these changes personally.

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