BioShock Infinite DLC to be Revealed Tuesday

BioShock Infinite DLC

**UPDATE** Ken Levine has made further tweets suggesting the actual news for BioShock Infinite DLC will be revealed Tuesday at 8AM NYC Time. Take a look below and see for yourself:


Today’s BioShock Infinite DLC announcement is being heavily anticipated by gamers worldwide as Irrational Games’ Ken Levine has tweeted that he is excited for this day July 29, 2013 in which it is widely expected that the developer will release their first piece of information about the game. Gamers have been waiting about 4 months for some sort of details about the game, and while there has been some controversy surrounding whether or not the Season Pass should have actually been up for sale with such a long wait in front of gamers, everyone wants to know what Levine has up his sleeve.

The cold hard fact of the matter is that this will be the first of 3 DLC’s to release for public consumption and Season Pass holders to download. The DLC is said, by Irrational Games, to be story-based and expand on the plot of the BioShock Infinite tale which has received critical praise and even underground acclaim from virtually all who have played it. There is a running rumor which surfaced after an alleged resume leak that this DLC pack may potentially see an Artificial Intelligence character added to the mix whom plays alongside the player’s character, though this has not yet been confirmed nor denied by the team behind BioShock Infinite.

It is also stated on online marketplaces Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam where the BioShock Infinite Season Pass is being sold that all 3 DLC packs will be released before March of 2014 (which will mark one full year since the original game’s release). With this all in mind, it seems Irrational is right on schedule, though some gamers may not agree. What are your thoughts, have they taken too long for your liking or do you appreciate a company that finally works on DLC post-release rather than splitting up pieces of the game they actually made during development of the main project? Let us know in the comments!

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