League of Legends ‘Patch 3.10’ and How It Will Effect Players


Hey gamers…. so today’s patch is interesting. We had a few ‘nerfs’ and a few buffs, item updates, etc…. Fun stuff :P. From what I understand Elise AKA The “Spider Queen” was ‘nerfed’ a tad bit (nothing too big though). So with her they ‘nerfed’ her spider minions life span, but in turn they buffed their armor and magic resist. So when facing her you may want to build a little armor penetration. That’s no big deal though right League gamers ;)? an additional mod , they threw in was that extra play they gave with her jump has been confined to her circle. This may aid in players facing against her over-powered chasing skills, and it’s a bit less confusing as well now.

master yi

Master Yi was re-upholstered (and looking flashy may I add). They gave him a bit of a re-work with +6 health per level and +6 mana per level (mind you, they did decrease his start game mana from 199 to 180). They also reduced his start game armor and armor per level while reworking some of his moves.

twisted fate

There is a new twist to Twisted Fate; man you guys, I loved to have Twisted’s Gold perk when he was on my team but now they made it so it only effects him. The player will get a gold bonus between 1-6. Players also may be used to his pick a card with its 10 seconds to pick and throw a card. They made it so you have 8 seconds to pick a card and 4 seconds to throw it. I think that is somewhat of a small ‘nerf’ but then again I’m new to Twisted Fate.

As for items there was a rumor that they totally did away with runic bulwark but what they decided to do was tweak Aegis of the Legion so it will upgrade to the Iron Solari which is a cool little integration in my opinion.

Changes to the Jungle: They upped the time of the small jungle camps spawn from 1:55 to 2:05 which is only a 10 second difference :P. They also decided to make it so you have to kill the whole buff camp to get the full exp. That was a good way to prevent invasions. You’re either going to love or hate that one. 😛

For even more info on the 3.10 patch work you can visit the League of Legend’s main site patch notes.

Well, until next time 🙂 -Gina

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