7 Gems – iOS Review


If you love yourself some old school Bejeweled, then you’ll love 7 Gems. Because that’s exactly what is: a  slicker version of Bejeweled. This game is made by a new group of guys named OTL Studios and they’re just testing their feet in the water in the mobile gaming industry. Which also leads to what makes this slightly impressive.

Although the gameplay is obviously taking a page from Bejeweled type games, it still plays really smooth and the touch controls work magnificently. There is absolutely no lag between your finger and what you want the game to do. Very impressive for a low budget game.

The soundtrack on this game is AMAZING. I can’t say enough how great the soundtrack is. It’ll keep your ears happy the entire time. I promise. They nailed the music on this game.

The bad side of the gameplay is that it just doesn’t bring any new or innovative ideas. It’s a very predictable game. You have a big group of gyms and you try to get 3 or more gyms in row to get points and go on to the next level. There’s a social aspect to the game if you connect to Facebook, but its just not satisfying because there’s literally only one other person playing on the leaderboard. I couldn’t make this up. Maybe it’ll catch some fire and more people will start playing it eventually, but it’s not looking too promising at the moment.

You’ll only go to the table to eat the same thing so many times before you just get tired of it. Sometimes you just want something else to eat. 7 Gems is definitely not the new meal we’re searching for. There’s absolutely no innovation involved with this game whatsoever and gem games are getting a bit played out. So this game gets a 4 out of 10. Solid gem game, but come on now. We want something new.

Overall Score: 4 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Available on: iOS

Developer: OTL Studios

Review Copy Info: This game is free-to-play, and was recommended by the publisher to RealGamerNewz for review purposes.

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