Who am I?

From Page 2 Screen RGN

Firstly I’d like to thank the awesomeness that is RealGamerNewz for allowing me to take up some of their space here to rant, rave and generally chat about movies.

A little background on myself first though and then I promise I’ll cut that out.

I’ve been a film fan for life (well so far anyway), I’ve always watched, rented, streamed, read about and collected movies in one form or another. I bleed celluloid.

I’ve tried and failed at screenwriting, I’ve written (and still do) blogs on film, and also currently host and produce two podcasts which can be found on iTunes, Spreaker and Stitcher. They are The Movie Show which has me chatting about anything movie related that I choose to talk about. I have awesome co hosts from other shows including Anthony Alex (The Angry MailMan Podcast) and Stu Miller (The Monday Movie Show) I’m in my 3rd year and have spat out over 148 episodes or so. I also decided to begin The British Movie Show last year and that’s currently around 25 episodes. So as you can see, I do keep busy. I also maintain a day job that isn’t really film related but does pay (most of) the bills.

But here I shall be now and again, chatting about the films I have watched and any remotely interesting movies news that comes my way. I shall include trailers, interviews and of course pimp my podcast out now and again.

Well that’s enough from me for one. Tell me a bit about yourself. Introduce yourself to me. Either on here, Facebook or on Twitter @frompage2screen




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