Dead Rising 2: Case West Review

You know i get the feeling Capcom really doesn’t like to release any DLC for dead rising if the file size is over 3 mb; either that or they really want to broaden their audience. Capcom’s solution to this is to release it as an arcade game which, works well to its favor . But i digress, Dead Rising: Case West is a DLC/Arcade game in which Chuck Greene teams up with our former protagonist Frank West to go  investigate the link between Phenotrans and the Fortune City zombie outbreak, meanwhile  Chuck try’s to clear his name after being blamed for the outbreak. It takes place half way through dead rising two campaign and friends who join your game get to play as the ever so edgy Frank West.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: Despite being an arcade game, Case west looks just like dead rising two. So all the problems however minuscule yet somehow comical animations are here, so you can still drink an entire orange juice container just by gesturing it down your throat. Load times are also a tad bit to long but nothing to really subtract from all the slicing and dicing.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: Honestly i don’t remember a whole lot of music in this title other than at the start menu and at the end boss fight with a rather large Arabic man (Not even joking). Dead Rising makes up for that with intriguing bickering and comments made between Chuck and Frank who seem to be at this sort of between a friendship/distrust toward one another.

Characters / Enemies:  Chuck and Frank’s voice actors do a great job portraying their characters so the characters feel real enough. The enemy  human AI isn’t the best, they either have the attention span of a fly, constantly forgetting you just ran past them; or they constantly spew down gunfire or melee attacks on you. On a bright note their a few different types of human enemies such as the hazard units carrying electric prod’s, and big guys in blast suits who carry impact hammers.

Game play: Game play remains unchanged, chuck still has all his unarmed moves as before and if you’re playing as Frank he has his own separate moves that chuck doesn’t have such as a back-flip kick capable of severing the head right off a zombie. In addition there are several new combo card such as Laser Gun,Zap N’ Shine, Impact Blaster and not to mention a bad ass Katana sickle weapon called the Reaper. Through out missions  you will find survivors that will need your help, helping them will give you PP point and instead of having to shepherd them back to a safe point they simply walk off and fend for themselves which frees up a good amount of time.

Final Verdict: If you’re a fan of Dead Rising the return of Frank west will diffidently please you. But near the end you find out some things that seem odd to put into a little title such as this and you would think that such a big reveal would not be here. All and all though Case West is a solid game, it’s only about 5 hours long but it encourages multiple playthroughs to see the different endings, level up, and earn Achievements. The title offers has alot of fun to be had and with a price sticker of $10.00 USD, it’s a good choice.


Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Available on: Xbox 360

Played on: Xbox 360

Review Copy Info: a copy of this game was purchased by RealGamerNewz for purposes of this review.


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