Auto Club Revolution Review

If you are looking for a top notch free to play online PC racer then look no further. Auto Club revolution has everything you will need to start building your favorite cars to perform exactly how you want as well as a huge selection of some of the best race tracks to take them out on and tear it up. Auto Club Revolution boasts over thirty officially licensed cars and eighty premium upgrade  manufacturers to enhance your vehicles performance. They also currently have twenty two tracks with half of those officially licensed as well. This system runs directly of of your browser with it’s own race app having minimal requirements.

Start out with single player practice mode to race against the clock, yourself, or the leader boards for a shot at the fastest time for the track with each vehicle. The ranking system is kept in real time so any earned points rewards  of rank up will appear immediately under your stats and the leader board. Single player mode will also let you race in a field of eight vehicles so you can get ready to hit the track and go up against the other live competitors after getting a feel for your vehicle and the track of your choice.

As you start to race you can earn credits to spend on new cars or upgrades to your current cars. The XP earned is tallied and converted into credits after every race. You can also buy cars and upgrades there is always great deals with free giveaways and fifty percent off sales on credits and vehicles so it can be fun to pick up one of your favorite cars in the showroom. There is a daily achievement that pops up everyday when you log in to race that offers a XP reward for completing a certain race on a track or whatever it is for the day.

Join an auto club or start your own to get a good bunch of people a place to get together for some awesome competition or to go up against other teams in battles to see who’s team has the fire. All the time you get rewarded for playing with free car rentals that allow you to try out a new car selected for you for twenty four hours. I think that is great letting you try out the cars before you buy especially when you work so hard to earn your credits. You can also purchase perks with your XP credits to double your XP up to fifty percent for and hour at a time to help you earn.

Your cars can be mastered as they mastery of each vehicle is kept nice and neat for you to look at and find out what challenges you will need to accomplish one hundred percent mastery. Every time you complete a challenge or a track you receive a race pin to commemorate the achievement and they all will be located in your profile to look at as well as being able to highlight some of your favorites into the slots provided to show off your accomplishments.

Head to the workshop to add upgrades for performance to which there are many as every one affects the vehicles power and handling so you may adjust and vehicle to you personalized set up for different tracks or just preferential settings that you may be used to. there is also a very nice styling section where you can add a paint job do some customizing or just at a little style to your favorite ride. There is also some driver assist switches that can be turned on or off depending on your driving preferences.

If your ready to race then head on over to the hang out section where you can jump from section to section where people from all over the world are gathering to race. Each hangout has a color and a number so you know where your at and it will let yo know when you have changed rooms. Inside every hang out has open text chat that allows the players to talk before during and after races. It also displays when races are started with a link to join in the chat box. There is also a list of races to join at the bottom of the chat page to scroll through to see is there is one you may want to join. If not no big deal start your own room pick your own track , your rules, and let it rip.

The graphics in the game are really sharp giving you the feeling of being at the races, no  better yet being in the races. Crank up your headphones cause the sound affects of the engines roaring, tires squealing, and crowd cheering will get you in the mood for the fast paced action that’s about to transpire.

All in all I found that Auto Club Revolution has everything an online racer should have to really enjoy the experience. Especially the price tag which is free to play. So download the race app you don’t have to but put in a few bucks why not  you got it for free buy your favorite car upgrade it to awesomeness and join the revolution! Auto Club Revolution is a silver game earns itself an 8 out of 10 by RealGamerNewz.

Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer: Eutechnyx

Available on: PC

Review Copy Info: in-game credits and assets of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the developer for purposes of this review.

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