Resistance 3 Review

The Chimeran forces have overthrown every country, and only small resistance groups remain to fight back in a what seems all but hopeless war. You play as  Joseph Capelli a troubled family man who since the events in Resistance 2 has been dishonorably discharged from SRPA for executing Nathan Hale (Former Protagonist), meanwhile professor Malikov has discovered a cure for the Chimera virus from Hale’s blood. Capelli’s troubles seem to get worse as one day he finds a Terra-former energy ray moving towards Haven. They decide to evacuate while Makilav and Capelli go to New York to destroy the Terraformer that is slowly freezing the planet.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: The games graphics have not changed much from resistance 2. Not that that’s a necessarily a bad thing being resistance has always been a nice looking game. The scenery really fits with that post-apocalyptic feel that it was trying to strive for, the very battlefields you fight in were once a busy street full of people and shops but now are littered with trash, boarded up windows, abandoned vehicles, and Chimeran flesh pods full of grims (Zombie-like Enemy). Resistance 3 didn’t give me a lot of engine problems except sometimes when the game was loading if i were fiddling around and going through my weapons it would freeze for a few seconds; however this problem is minuscule and isn’t enough to deterrent you from having fun.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice:  The soundtrack in this game can go from very depressed and hopeless such as at the main menu to frantic and combat ready  especially  near the end of the game. Most of the voice acting is forgettable the only characters that stand out is Malikov and Capelli’s as they often make most of the dialogue back and forth at each other. Although not terrific the voice acting is believable and conveys the feeling of despair that living underground hiding from chimeran forces emit.

Main Menu Soundtrack:

Characters / Enemies:As said before the voice-acting is rather dull for 95% of the character’s; so it only seems logical that they look and feel equally as drab too. Also i don’t know if its just me but the facial features never seem to match what the character is doing. For instance I stumbled upon a group of people relaxing by a chair and boy is that picture worth a thousands words, One looked rather constipated, the other shocked, and the last looked cross-eyed. On a better note the enemies are brutal and use tactics effectively for the most part, although if you are within 4 feet of them they will do everything in their power to melee attack you.

Gameplay: Resistance 3 doesn’t bring a whole lot of new gameplay elements to the 1st person shooter genre but the weapon wheel from the original resistance makes a return. And speaking of weapons there is a wide variety of Chimeran disposal tools for you to wield such as the returning weapons of the Bullseye, Auger, M2A2 Carbine and Rossmore. Every weapon can be upgraded twice through use in combat and every weapon also has a secondary fire that ranges from detonating  charges to throwing out a ball of electricity.

Also a it packs a few new goodies such as the mutator; a weapon that well… mutates enemies, covering them in a explosive yellow pus filled pods that when set off can set off a chain of mutation. There’s also the cryo gun that fires a beam of hydrogen to freeze your enemies, and a secondary fire that sends out a pulse of energy that shatters them to pieces. Moving away from weapons, the game also has a half-life health system and ditches the regenerating health. When you are severely hurt your only option is to frantically run around in search of a green health drops which adds to the combat a great deal.

Final Verdict: Resistance 3 is definitely a good reason to be proud of owning a PlayStation 3 as it is one of the better shooters. The game is fun from start to finish and even more so in co-op. If you have a PS3 and don’t own Resistance I highly suggest picking this one up and get ready for one hell of a fight.

Overall Score: 8/10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer:Insomniac/ Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment 

Available On: PS3

Played On: PlayStation 3

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