Media Blackout: SimCity Offline Mod Goes Viral, EA Retaliates

SimCity modder UKAzzer successfully modded the game and documented all of his work on the EA Forums whose original ‘support for mods’ policy allowed such. Except, his offline mod ended up proving what he claimed was proof that the Always-Online DRM that has been torturing users of the game was completely not necessary despite EA and Maxis earlier attempts to convince the public it wasn’t just DRM but actually essential data processing.

EA later removed the entire thread, and they have now ceased distribution of this information across a number of websites including N4G, RockPaperShotgun (the original source), GamerGossip and more. They have stated that they will no longer allow discussion of mods on their forums and they have gone as far to point the finger at UKAzzer accusing him of being a ‘hacker not a modder’.

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