Fact or Fiction: Xbox 720 to Come in Two Versions, Always-Online, Mandatory Installs

Major media outlets has been deploying Xbox 720 rumors left and right in such succession that our heads just stopped spinning long enough for us to get a bearing on gravity again. These are some of the latest things being said about the Xbox 720. Until Microsoft reveals its console make sure to take all of this as Rumor. Microsoft’s next console, which is expected this April, or at the latest E3 2013, may end up arriving in stores through two completely different hardware offerings.

The first a media-centric, Windows 8-based affordable console that will not play AAA Xbox 720 next gen titles but will play “downloadable content”. Think Kinect Sports, Angry Birds, Madden, Call of Duty, presumably maxing out somewhere around Xbox 360 quality horsepower. This device will also attempt to compete with your cable provider by becoming a “set top box” and showcasing Microsoft’s plans for TV services including business partners like HBO (this TV service was originally in development for Xbox 360 but was later delayed).

The second version of the Xbox 720 will of course be expected to compete with the PlayStation 4 in terms of raw power for next generation titles pushing the outer limits of what is possible with High Definition and 3D HD gaming respectively. Unfortunately the rumors don’t stop there. Xbox 720 is also expected to required all games to be installed to the hard drive and will not run off the disc.

This will render the disc useless in regards to used games sales. Similar to Blizzard’s Battle.net login system the games will need an active online license attached to your account to play the games. This means that you can distribute the data of the game on discs and it will not work unless you’ve bought the game directly from Microsoft’s online service or their official sales partners (if any).

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