[UPDATED Rumor Confirmed]: Modern Warfare 4 is Call of Duty: Ghosts, Reveal Comes May 2013, PS4 / 720 / PC Only

[UPDATE: Call of Duty Ghosts has been confirmed by Activision today.]

A reliable insider at one of Activision’s Call of Duty teams has leaked information to YouTube Artist Drift0r who reveals that the expected Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 will actually be titled Call of Duty: Ghosts and takes place in the future. It’s a new imprint similar to how Black Ops was formed as a new IP based on the COD universe. For those not looking forward to future weapons, turns out there will be current technology weapons in this title and there’s a “plot twist” that causes the characters in the future to use weapons from the “past” (read: our time, 2013ish weapons).

More details include an announcement in May 2013 for the game, the possibility of a release before the 2013 winter, and entirely new gameplay including dynamic loading screens where you sneak/break your way into a map instead of just loading up randomly into scenes on single player and multiplayer online. “Dash while sliding and shooting” is reportedly the gameplay function replacing the dreaded “Dolphin dive” that currently happens when you crouch while running.

Another detail revealed includes the ability to roll while laying down, deterring the need to stand up to move around while prone. Spec Ops mode will be replaced with a new function. Peaking around corners will be another addition to the controls, and it should be a welcome addition back to the genre as it originated on PC during the golden age of shooters Call of Duty I & II was born from. The ability to crash a killstreak helicopter into a building by destroying it with an RPG for example would result in the building it crashed into falling over and potentially killing people online. However, this particular feature hasn’t been worked out for multiplayer just yet, and may not be able to escape confinement to the single player campaign. The result of the gameplay experiments going on at Activision’s many camps remains to be seen in regard to many of the discussed gameplay functions and controls, but tell the general direction that they are heading in.

Perhaps the most shocking feature for some Call of Duty fans will be hearing from this rumor is that the title will NOT be on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but instead will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and next generation Xbox (currently nicknamed Xbox 720 by hopeful Microsoft fans and the mainstream press, although it is said that this will not be the final name for the device rumored to be announced April 27th or around that date).

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