A Land In The Clouds

The game that is believed to be the game of the year by the anticipation and anxiety that brings forth of this came to be coming. BioShock infinite is to be released March 26, 2013; from BioShock 2 to infinite, here we go.

All in all, we have already went from a disastrous underwater city called Rapture to a city in the sky supported by blimps, also known as Columbia, will be the setting for Infinite’s plot. Columbia was built and launched in 1900 by the government. This was also the traveling world fair, but was soon was found out to be a battleship. The ship had killed Chinese civilians during the Boxer Rebellion. This new city was like a boogie man that came down and from place to place was putting its will against the people. However, a Civil Disorder is what had eventually happened in Columbia just like in Rapture.

We anxiously await the land in the clouds which awaits us inside BioShock Infinite for PC, Microsoft Xbox 360, and Sony PlayStation 3.

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