Mega Man 11 gets new pre-order details alongside new gameplay footage

Blue Bomber fans can get excited as Capcom has finally revealed some more footage of Mega Man 11- the newest entry in the often forgotten classic series from the glory days of the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo, and for fans of the series, they have given Mega Man a new coat of paint and a new set of moves to give the Blue Bomber a new lease on life.

In a trailer released yesterday on the official Mega Man Youtube channel and in some press info seen on the official website, they revealed details about the game such as the new Double Gear system, the GameStop / EB Games exclusive Mega Man Amiibo Edition and the pre-order bonus of a soundtrack and a release date of October 2nd, 2018 for Nintendo Switch, XBOX One, PS4 and PC. To get the pre-order bonus, you may buy from any of the console stores (Steam, Nintendo eShop, PS Store or XBOX Store) or through Amazon, Best Buy and Gamestop / EB Games.

For fans playing on Nintendo Switch, the Amiibo Edition can pre-ordered online on the Gamestop / EB website (but can only be purchased in the US and Canada and supplies appear to be limited so act fast! For $49.99 USD (or $75 CAD) you’ll get a new Mega Man 11 design amiibo, stickers, an adhesive patch and a microfiber cloth adorned with the stage select screen along with the game. For those just looking for the game alone, it is set to retail for $30 USD (or $40 CAD).

In this upcoming title, Mega Man sets on his nonstop quest to stop Doctor Wily and with the help of Doctor Wily’s lost prototype- the Double Gear, the Blue Bomber will be able to manipulate time itself and overdrive his Mega Buster even further to thwart the evil doctor’s plans once again.

Whilst the trailer was brief and only showed two of the newest robot masters- one being the electrifying Fuse Man and the other the tough and rock hard Block Man, Capcom seems to have finally heard the fans calling for the return of the legend and have thrown into the mix the new gameplay of the Double Gear and a newly designed art style consisting of charming hand-drawn environments and 3D character models, which has Mega Man mega fans like me foaming at the mouth waiting for October to finally come. Capcom also plans to show off more gameplay at E3 so look forward to seeing even more in the coming months.


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