Phil Spencer: “Excited to World Premiere 15 Games Tomorrow and Much, Much More”

Big Boss at Xbox Phil Spencer has just announced that Microsoft will World Premiere 15 games we haven’t seen before at tomorrow’s Press Conference. It’s that time of the year again and this E3 Microsoft has much to prove. After wrapping up their rehearsal, the team is confident and beaming with pride for what they’re about to show us.

One thing is for sure, with that many reveals we’re sure to see a new Fable, Forza, Gears, and / or Halo game. Which we’ll see I’m not sure, and when they’ll come out I’m not sure of either. This is Microsoft’s chance to show us that they can bring the heat once again. Between third party titles that will arrive on Xbox, PC, and PS4 getting shown off at the Xbox Press Conference first (with or without exclusive content) to brand new exclusive games, Microsoft needs all the help they can get.

Aiming to impress, Xbox will have to have a trick or two up their sleeve and some surprises as well. It can’t just be the predictable stuff this time around. There was a recent year in which Microsoft and Sony both flooded us with game after game, Xbox will need to have recreated this scenario in order to win back good will among gamers. We are likely going to see some multi-platform games, but that’s alright. It’s still powerful to see games that we’ve never heard of, games that didn’t exist before, world premiered for the first time on the Xbox stage. It still associates the brand with great games and a willingness to drop bombshells on their audience instead of just playing it safe. Furthermore, we’ll need to see these games in action. History shows us Microsoft knows what to do, the question is just if they’ll deliver. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has prefaced the show with a resounding, YES.

Xbox E3 2018 Schedule:

– Sunday June 10

  • Xbox Briefing (E3 Press Conference) 1PM – 3PM Pacific Time

– Monday June 11

  • Inside Xbox 3PM – 5PM Pacific Time

– Tuesday June 12

  • Xbox Experience (at Microsoft Theater) 11AM – 7PM Pacific
  • Mixer Booth (at LA Convention Center) 2PM – 7PM Pacific

– Wednesday June 13

  • Xbox Experience (at Microsoft Theater) 9AM – 7PM Pacific
  • Mixer Booth (at LA Convention Center) 12PM – 7PM Pacific
  • Phil Spencer (on Keighley’s E3 Coliseum) 3PM – 3:30PM Pacific

– Thursday June 14

  • Xbox Experience (at Microsoft Theater) 11AM – 7PM Pacific
  • Mixer Booth (at LA Convention Center) 9AM – 6PM Pacific
  • Sea of Thieves (on Keighley’s E3 Coliseum) 2:30PM – 3PM Pacific

Update: Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference has taken place. It is largely being credited as a success and has been rated A by viewers.

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