COD: Advanced Warfare – Exo Zombies Infection Map Gets New 60 Frames Per Sec Video

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Infection Xbox DLC Exo Zombies

Our Outbreak Review for Exo Zombies on COD:AW (DLC / Season Pass content) was an experience that impressed us as cynical critics of the long-standing popular shooter franchise. While High Moon Studios has certainly changed up the formula as to what Zombies was and now is, there’s a lot we agree with in their gameplay design decisions and find extremely fun. As Call of Duty gets further down the line of evolution, changing up things as it were, there are bound to be folks who agree or disagree with said changes. There’s starting to be multiple styles of COD beyond the simple surface differences fans are used to.

So can High Moon Studios win us over again with their new Infection Map? This Tuesday we will find out as Infection becomes available to Season Pass holders on Xbox and those who wish to buy Advanced Warfare DLC packs for Xbox. It will arrive on PlayStation and PC platforms at a later date. Infection is the name of the new map for Exo Zombies but is just a part of the Ascendance DLC package which also contains new multiplayer maps for the game’s competitive mode.

Infection adds a new “mini-boss” to the game said to require fierce teamwork between all 4 players in the co-op / survival experience.

Exo Zombies Infection Trailer [HD 1080P/60FPS]:


Ascendance DLC #2 Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P/60FPS]

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