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Rumor: DualShock 5 controller to feature touchscreen instead of touchpad

Sony has announced that they will not be attending E3 2019 in any shape or form, and they skipped doing PSX 2018 this year. These interesting moves are paired with the fact that more and more hints have been emerging that a next-generation PlayStation console will be announced for 2020 or 2021 release. All together it appears that the often talked about PlayStation 5 is slowly becoming a reality rather than a myth as 2019 approaches.

New information has surfaced regarding the expected pricing, specs, and launch of the PS5 but perhaps most interesting out of all the unconfirmed rumors is the notion that PlayStation 5’s DualShock 5 controller could feature a touchscreen in its center rather than a touchpad as seen in the PS4’s DualShock 4.

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PlayStation Now Release Date Leaked

PlayStation NOW Digital Rental

The folks over at Digital Foundry have claimed that they have a copy of what is a pretty legit looking slide out of the Sony PlayStation NOW internally documented slideshow pertaining to the release date of PS Now, the cloud service that will allow PS3 games to be streamed to Bravia TVs, PlayStation 4 consoles, PlayStation 3s, PS Vitas and Tablets. They have also reported that Custom PS3 models with “the equivalent of 8 PS3s on a single motherboard” are being used in Server Cases in order to power the PS Now digital service which will also include digital rentals in some capacity that is not yet entirely known.

PlayStation NOW

[Some Info Sourced: Digital Foundry via PSLS]

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