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Microsoft finalizing deal to acquire Obsidian Entertainment

[Update: This deal confirmed during X018 Event, More Info: Microsoft Xbox X018 – Inside Xbox Event Full WrapUp & Videos]

Phil Spencer inherited a mess from Don Mattrick when he took over the Xbox brand after their famous failure in marketing at the beginning of this game console generation back in 2013. Long term damage occurred to the brand from the aggressive and confusing messaging of Microsoft’s later cancelled “always online DRM” system for the Xbox ONE. In addition to this, a mismanagement of publishing deals and lack of foresight in studio investment has led to an unmistakable lack of exclusives on the console throughout this entire games console generation.

Excellent games take a long time to develop, and with Phil Spencer steering the Xbox brand back towards the right direction behind the scenes, the fruits of this labor have yet to materialize. In order to ensure that such a problem won’t happen again, and gamers know that Xbox takes this situation seriously – Microsoft announced at E3 2018 that they’ve been acquiring a number of respected game development studios and even creating some of their own.

Ninja Theory (best known for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice) is one of the studios Microsoft has acquired as well as Undead Labs, Playground Games, Compulsion Games, and more. This week we also received the news that the final stages have been entered in a deal between the Xbox team and the development house behind Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian Entertainment will become a subsidiary of Microsoft if this deal goes through, further bolstering the company’s commitment to Xbox and gaming overall.

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Fallout 4 Could Have Vehicles Inspired by Fallout: New Vegas

Since playing the Fallout series including the latest version Fallout: New Vegas I have been asking myself why can’t we have some sort of vehicles?

Any kind of transportation at all other than the fast travel feature would be great. Fast travel is fine for long distance trips but really is nothing more than the time it takes to load from one map to the next one you are trying to get to (but only after you have discovered it on foot first). I understand that there is a lot of terrain and little things you would miss by using a vehicle but this could be easily redeemed by adding an additional feature such as radar incorporated with the vehicle systems to help point out upcoming and passed by items and or enemies. The maps are vast with a never ending horizon that I feel would be more enjoyable to explore with some other means of transportation besides your two feet.

In Vegas there are broken down tractor trailers full of motorcycles. So think of this, you have to search for the parts to repair one of the bikes but to do so you will have to travel the map in its entirety gaining your repair skills and scrap parts needed to get it operational. It could be one of the major quests and a very rewarding one at that. In one of Bethesda’s other published titles, Oblivion, it’s quite similar as far as the game engine goes. They have added a horse that you can ride across the maps with while still interacting with the other characters in the game and it enhances the play rather than hindering it. Something else that also would have to be taken into perspective is being able to use weapons while traveling with vehicles against opposing enemy vehicles. This will add a whole new dimension to this title and spawn many new ideas for maps, weapons, quests, they all will grow exponentially.

With this aspect in mind there will be many different vehicle types that are found around the wasteland like cars, trucks, airplanes  trains, helicopters, that parts could be sought out for to repair and safely travel with. Even if only for convenience they would all add gameplay, replay value, new quests, more fun, and maybe bring in a whole new era for this type of game. To take this to the next level, by player creation, a custom vehicle could be put together by your random choices of parts collected, figuring out what could possibly work together to create a usable vehicle, and more. Each person can create their own vehicle based on their experience in the game, adding even more reason to play the game over and over again various ways to have various outcomes.

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