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New ‘For Honor’ Gameplay – Online Battles Coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, PS4 NEO, Xbox Scorpio

For Honor Xbox ONE PS4 NEO RealGamerNewZ Ubisoft

With a release date of February 14, 2017, For Honor heads to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE. Enhanced performance may be present in the frame-rate, native texture resolution, and general processing power for owners of the PS4 NEO.

Ubisoft Montreal are behind this new spin on online multiplayer hack and slash taking into account medieval weaponry combat styles to the feel of fast-paced online battles. The following footage has been released by Ubisoft and our friends over at GamersPreyHD for the upcoming title. For Honor will also be available on Windows PC.

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How Video Games Turned One Person’s Life Around

Video Games Changed My Life - Quinn of RGN

Hello there all!


We are happy to have you here again, this time to share a background story of one our staff members who’s life got turned around through gaming.


For one gamer it all started in 1995 with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Making hours on end with the Lion King set a path open for freedom of creativity, meeting well-spirited people and having tons of fun.

This is the story of ChronicGalaxy and his gaming past.


I have been asked to share my gaming history with you, the reader!

As many of you know gaming goes back quite far now, and we have seen developments beyond our wildest dreams. From starting out with a basic concept in 2D to full open worlds in magnificent and breath-taking visuals, we as gamers have witnessed the beauty of development.


The gaming industry has had a lot of negative feedback from concerned parents across the world, yet it also has a wonderful side to it. For me this wonderful side changed my entire life.

Some people look at me as a geek, which I fully admit I am, which I’m proud of today.


It wasn’t always the case for the young gamer, who sheds light on the introvert person he once was.


Though proud as I am now to be a geek, I had my fair share of criticism in life for just playing videogames. People told me I was wasting my life away, while all I could think of was to get back behind the controller and into the magnificent virtual world I became familiar with. I can remember that I thought people were right in a sense at one point, because the more criticism I got, the more it started to feel as if I was indeed wasting my life away.


This alone had the effect that I didn’t feel the need to interact with people, because videogames didn’t judge you for what you loved doing. It took me quite some years to crawl out of this, which the games I played helped with. Games such as Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation 1, Kingdom Hearts for the Playstation 2 and Minecraft for the Xbox 360 helped me release the fury I had for the world, and helped me gain the creativity I have today.


Though it wasn’t the end goal, this gamer in particular gained a lot out of gaming.


I have played on most platforms, some platforms being frustrating and most being amazing. I have met people from different countries, learned about the good sides of humanity and learned to communicate through gaming. For me, this opened many windows of opportunities, including this one: Being able to write and share my story with you. This is my gratitude towards gaming, the lessons I learned and the people I met – it is truly a remarkable and beautiful thing which I plan to never give up.


We could not agree more! Thank you for taking the time to write this, and as a viewer; thank you for taking the time to read this. We’ll see you next time!

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How To: Use Your Gaming Concentration in the Gym

Gamers With Gains

Gamers With Gains presents…

How To: Use Your Gaming Concentration in the Gym

[HD Videocast]

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Prestigious Racing Wheel Accessory company Fanatec has announced the Formula Carbon Rim

fanatec realgamernewz 2

With a to-be-announced release date pending and a $249.99 price tag on its head, the following images have been released this morning by respected Racing niche publication Inside Sim Racing. Prestigious Racing Wheel Accessory company Fanatec has announced the Formula Carbon Rim today for their Clubsport Wheel and will run racers a good chunk of change. Take a look and let us know what you think, are you the type to accessorize to the max – or would you rather spend your money on games?

fanatec realgamernewz

[Some Info Sourced: Inside Sim Racing]

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review Controversy: Luis Santos’ Side of The Story


Earlier this week I made an article about a reviewer from The Examiner who spoiler the ending of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. In the article I said he behaved unprofessionally towards comments, that the spoiler was out in the open, and that the article had since been taken down. In order to get the full story I inquired Mr. Santos to do an interview with me and give his side of the story. He did and we talked about the situation. So, if you are a fan of MGS who’s game may have been ruined, a person who saw the article and his comments, or a person generally interested in the story, here is Santos’ side:


Luis Santos interview:

So, how long have you worked for The Examiner posting reviews and other game related articles?


I’ve been writing for examiner, for close to 3 years now. In that time I have provided about 50 articles, some reviews but mostly news related.

Did you have any other experience before The Examiner? If so, how long overall have you been in this field?


I’ve been writing for about ten years creatively, no. I did not have prior experience writing pieces concerning the video game industry before Examiner. However, I felt that I was more than qualified given the fact that I’ve been a life long gamer.


Alright fair enough and that is a good number of articles to post in that amount of time. That’s also great to hear and nice to know a little background story about yourself. The Examiner clearly thought you were qualified as well otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting where you are. Alright lets move on to a question that is standing out to the viewers of your article

Are you a fan of the Metal Gear series? If so when did you start playing the series?

I am a big of the MGS series, the first time I got around the MGS games was in 2004. With the release of Snake Eater for the PlayStation 2, one of the best games I ever played. Snake Eater took me on an emotional ride, the only other game to do since Zelda: Ocarina Of Time.


That’s good to hear that they gave a fan of the series the review job. This puts in to context for the viewers and should help them realize that you weren’t just some guy reviewing this series. You’re actually a man who has loved it for some time and even though it may have not been since the start it has been for about 10 years which is respectable.

So, you’re a long time fan of this series, do you think some of your frustration showed in the article was disappointment as a fan or was it more as an overall reviewer?



My frustration generally stemmed from being a fan, and being incredibly let down by Ground Zeroes. I do believe the fact that I finished the game in such a short amount of time clouded my reasoning and in some ways my professionalism took a backseat because of it. The demo is nothing short of stunning, the graphics and gameplay are on another level. I do believe I stated that much on my review, I didn’t delve deeper into it and I guess that is where much of the conflict arises with people who read my article.


I can see that and something most people don’t understand about reviewers is that it is technically part of your job to try to finish the game as fast as you can. You’re supposed to go through the main story and try the features after the fact usually. I can also understand this frustration as I’ve dug deep down in to hype before. I actually wrote an article about the dangers of excessive hype put out by companies recently and as you I have experienced this feeling before. I unlike you, was not in a position of power to say anything about it.
As we saw a good amount of heat came from the spoiler itself as well. I’d imagine it was the number one reason your article was taken down. I’m the type of person who believes spoilers don’t belong in reviews, but I have read my fair share of reviews with spoilers that were well written as well. As I read through your article I thought it was well written and pieced together properly. All except for the spoiler which I felt was too far out in the open and easy for fans to accidentally stumble upon.


Are there any steps you’re going to take in your upcoming reviews to prevent it? Some websites have text blacked out specifically set so people do not have the game spoiled for them. Does your site provide that and did you accidentally skip over it or is it an absent feature?



I definitely feel I could have handled the spoiler subject in a more professional manner. I don’t think this a situation of what I could do differently next time, rather than this just being the result of a bad judgment call. The Examiner site has tools to prevent such thing as to protect readers from spoilers. I take full responsibility in not using the tools appropriately when needed to, which was a lapse on my part.



As we saw your review was taken down. Did you face any other consequences from your employer? If so, then what? Also were there any protocols skipped over? Some sites make the editors go through important pieces like your review and usually have to get confirmation from a superior before posting.



The only penalty I faced was having my review pulled from the site, and it was the worst thing that could happen to me. I finance my own reviews, I spent many times over the asking retail price of Ground Zeroes to acquire it ahead of time. My intentions were to review the product based on its merit and in large part I believe that’s what I did.

I submitted my work and it was green-lit by management, about a day later. I received an email stating that my review was being pulled from the site because of “Glaring Issues” the site manager placed the blame on the article’s title citing improper grammar. We exchanged various emails concerning the issue, the manager basically resolved the matter by using whatever political play he saw fit to justify his actions.

I go on the Examiner page later on that day and see a revised review on MGS: Ground Zeroes posted by the same manager/editor who decided to pull mine from the site. His take is very interesting, he goes on great lengths to play up the very little upside Ground Zeroes has to offer. It was probably his attempt at damage control after the fallout of criticism my article received. However, I do believe he caused further damage by not standing by the consumer.

Gaming consumers are already spending close to $100 for software on average when you consider adding the cost of DLC. Packaging a demo and placing a premium price on it, should be the straw that breaks the Camel’s back. No one should have to spend top dollar on an unfinished product, it’s unacceptable and highly unethical. It’s spineless to me that a company as reputable as Konami, would prey on their loyal consumers; especially with such a highly praised IP like MGS franchise.



Yeah, I get that, you put your own effort and time in to the actual review and it was quickly taken down instead of being revised. The review could have been stretched out a bit more, but you’ve already addressed this issue. Alright so now we see a bigger problem as well. Which is the fact that the management approved it even after you missed the spoiler. Bringing the question another in to play:


Did he actually read the article before posting it up? It may have been a lapse on your behalf and you could have taken steps to prevent it, but your management team overall should have been able to catch it.



I’m not in a position to say what exactly happened over at Examiner internally. I can only confirm the review was approved before it was pulled the next day.



Alright and before we move on let me just add that as DLC comes more and more overwhelmingly popular I can understand that. More and more games are coming out and adding DLC and season passes all the time and most of the time they aren’t exactly worth it. We can talk about that on a completely different subject, but an example I’m going to throw out there is Bioshock Infinite for taking so long and Dead Rising 3’s $30 pass for about 8 hours of gameplay and overall uninteresting writing making it not feel like the money was well spent. Granted, that the two examples gave us interesting stories, lengthy play times (Compared to Ground Zeroes), and they are full fledged games.


So then you genuinely felt as if Ground Zeroes was a scam? Which is a heavy word to throw out there to be fair. My point being that the article was 100% legitimately what you believe, but would you change your approach to it if you had to do it all over again?


It is a cash grab, and calling it a scam is not as slanderous as some people may make it out to be. If you look at some of the other reviews out now, many other sites are echoing similar sentiments over Ground Zeroes. I just read an article from Forbes.com, stating the game was beat in a mere ten minutes.


I would’ve taken a more methodical approach if given the chance to do it again. Being a fan of the series worked against me, and it showed on the review I produced.


I can see that as a valid opinion for someone like yourself and while I am not a Metal Gear fan myself I can see your concern with how the game was made. I believe Kojima said it was supposed to hold people over until the official release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain which is rumored to be released early 2015. With this experience being so unpleasant for you, do you you wish the company would have just saved it and added this as the actual prologue in The Phantom Pain?


Do you have anything to say to the people who read your article and are currently attacking you?


I am going stand by my review, I do regret the game spoilers were so out in the open. I’ve received much hate mail and criticism over the last couple of days, over the review. At the same time I’ve received support from people who saw Ground Zeroes in the same light as I did, especially now that the demo is out for the public to purchase. This is America, people have the right to agree or disagree with an opinion; I simply take it in stride.



I’m happy that even with everyone attacking you that you haven’t changed your opinion. In my actual about hype I also told the viewers that they really need to stick to reviewers who share their same opinions and values. As we saw there are some people who have done that with you and then some people who seemed mad about the accusation that the game itself was more of a cash grab than something they worked hard on and was meaningful. i hope those people who share similar opinions follow you more closely and those who didn’t follow a different reviewer who shares their opinions on the game. I want to note that it seems like a majority of the hate seems to be due to the spoiler itself as well as your attitude in the comments.

Overall though I am happy that you decided to do this interview which I feel will give your review more context overall. I hope the hate mail stops and I hope that the next installation of the series feels more worthy to you.

The review was your opinion and I’m happy you are sticking by it and happy that one of the bigger issues in it is something you plan on not having happen again. It has been really enjoyable getting your side of the story and I hope viewers feel the same way.

One of the bigger issues here being that the spoiler was so far out in the open. While I feel as if Luis does share some blame, the management team should share blame as well. The review he posted was submitted and had to wait to go through approval as he stated earlier in the interview. Meaning that he isn’t the sole person to blame for the incident. Aside from that issue there was the issue of the review itself which some people were unhappy about as Luis gave the game a 1/5 stars and called it a scam. If you did enjoy his review as some viewers have then I encourage you to follow Luis Santos’ work and keep up with him because you share similar tastes obviously. If you did not then I would recommend that you find a new a reviewer to check out.

One of the biggest issues with people going to reviews and being unsatisfied is because the person reviewing the game does not share the same taste as you. I touched up on this in my first article I wrote for the site a bit at the end. Find a review you personally agree with from a person who shares your beliefs, your interests, and has a similar opinion to you. While some times you may not agree with him it will help you overall and give you a better experience than just clicking on random reviews just because it is a game you’re interested in and do not send hate mail because you don’t agree with him. I can understand the mail about the spoiler, but those aren’t the only people sending him the hate mail. I think if you take your time to do this you will find that you will have a better experience overall when you read reviews.


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Assault Android Cactus 25% Off For Steam Holiday Sale

assault-android-cactus on sale holiday

The Steam Early Access to a game we recently featured on the IndieSpotlight: Assault Android Cactus is on sale for 25% Off ($11.24) and supports the DualShock 4 controller immediately upon plug and play with DualShock 3 support for Linux out of the box as well (not to mention support for Xbox 360, Logitech, and a lot of other controllers) which is important since it’s a twin-stick shooter. Take a look below for a visual on what to expect (as well as an in-depth interview of the developers behind the title) and keep an eye out for our Hands-On Preview coming soon.

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PS3 Version Of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag On Sale In Australia + Europe PSN Store


Pick up a digital copy of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag at a reduced cost thanks to the following deal going on within the Australian and European PlayStation Store, but hurry up. There is a limited time on this deal as it is holiday season oriented. For the following price gamers can get in on what many are saying is one of the best Assassin’s Creed games yet:

  • $39.95 Australian Dollars (marked down from $99.95)
  • €29.99 Euros (marked down from €69.99 Euros)
  • £19.99 British Pounds (marked down from £59.99 Pounds)
  • And take 10% off on top of that if you’ve got PlayStation Plus!

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VRC 1000 – Virtual Racing Chair Review

VRC 1000 – Virtual Racing Chair Review 2

The Quest:

Since the first time I used a steering wheel for a racing game I instantly became a racing fanatic and far and away it became my favorite genre for gaming. No other gaming peripheral has ever offered me the level of immersion that a good FFB (Force Feedback) wheel does while playing any game. The only problem I encountered once I purchased my first wheel was what to mount it to. I went the normal route of using a desk which was okay for a little while but shortly after I wanted something that added a more visceral racing feel. Then the search to find the best way to mount my wheel began.

Over the years I have tried everything from DIY rigs to manufactured ones I ordered online. The problem I ran into was most DIY rigs I built were too bulky, heavy, and not very attractive (WAF – wife acceptance factor is extremely important to the sanctity of an any relationship, especially mine). Most of the manufactured rigs I purchased lacked flexibility, compatibility, adjustments, stability, and had various other shortcomings I could not deal with like a center post, cheap seats which became uncomfortable for extended gaming sessions, fasteners that cause visual imperfections on the chassis. The other big drawback is the lack of choices living in the States (USA). Most top quality rig manufacturers are over seas and the shipping cost to America can run nearly as much as the rig themselves.

In walks Carriage Works VRC 1000 – Virtual Racing Chair

A few months back I was going to pull the trigger on yet another rig from Europe to replace the current DIY rig I was using. The night I was about to place my order for this model overseas, I stumbled across, literally by accident, a rig built and manufactured here in America from a company called Carriage Works. They specialize in building car parts, grilles, rims, etc.

At first glance I thought this rig I stumbled across on this site was custom order only and not something I could readily order and receive in a week or two. Besides I had questions that I needed answered before placing an order to begin with so I contacted Carriage Works via email to inquire about this rig of theirs. I needed to know about its compatibility with my current hardware, the Thrustmaster T500 RS and more importantly the Fanatec CSR Elite Wheel which was brand new wheel to the market at the time I was going to place an order for this rig.

VRC 1000 – Virtual Racing Chair Review 4

Matt Cunningham, lead designer of the VRC 1000, contacted me himself directly and informed me that their rig was not yet designed to accommodate the Fanatec line of wheels. He extended me the option to send my wheel to Carriage Works so they could take the needed measurements and laser cut their wheel deck to accommodate Fanatec products. They also did the same for the Thrustmaster T500 RS and TH8 shifter for this series wheel. I sent them the wheel and Matt kept me in the loop every step of the way. Sending me pictures and updating me on future accessories they have on the design table. Matt was as passionate and excited about designing this rig as most gamers would be to use it.

Initial thoughts:

Usually I feel like a kid on Christmas morning when waiting the arrival of a new product to enhance my gaming experience, but after having already having exhausted several rigs in the past, my anticipation was even keel at best. Even though a couple of the previous rigs I tried would have pleased most users, I personally ended up disappointed over time with the functionality, durability and comfort for long gaming sessions. So when the UPS truck pulled up to my door I was definitely intrigued but not overly excited. The VRC 1000 arrived in 3 large boxes. The largest and heaviest box was the rig itself with the parts to fasten it together. Here’s what you’ll find in the boxes:

  • Box 1 (Largest and heaviest box) – VRC 1000 Frame (practically assembled), Shifter Mount, Fasteners (nuts, bolts, etc) and the instructions to assemble the rig, seat and LCD stand.
  • Box 2 – Racing Seat (color depending on which you choose)
  • Box 3 – LCD Stand (optional)

Assembling the Rig:

Carriage Works might possibly be the best company I have ever dealt with when it comes to instructions and ease of assembly. They not only include an easy to follow step by step manual with colored pictures, but they also include a DVD that has an assembly video. How cool is that?

All the fasteners came in separate labeled bags for each part of the assembly stage which made it that much easier to get through the assembly process. There was nothing difficult about assembling this rig. I put together by myself in roughly 20 minutes but I do recommend having someone around to help mount the seat. I have assembled dozens of devices similar to this over the years so it wasn’t too difficult to figure a quick solution to mounting the seat by myself but I recommend, as does Carriage Works themselves, having someone around to lend a hand. So grab a friend or family member to be on the ready when it comes time to mount the seat.

VRC 1000 – Virtual Racing Chair Review 3


This is where this rig really shines. Nearly every thing on this rig is adjustable. The seat sliders forward, back and tilts. It also allows for the three different height settings when attaching it to the seat to the rig during assembly. The front of the frame (yoke), which affects the height of the wheel base, can be set to varying degrees heights using the aluminum adjustment bars on each side of the rig. This adds a lot of versatility to find just the right height you prefer you wheel to be set. The wheel deck (bracket assembly the wheel is attached too) can be tilted up and down and also gives you the ability to move the wheel closer to you with a dual tier deck brackets plates and tensions knows under the wheel deck. The pedal plate (gas, brake and clutch pedals are attached) can be moved towards and away from you with tension knobs attached to the bottom of the front sides of the rig pedal plate. The only thing on this rig that is not adjustable is the shifter mount which is not a problem for me personally. I am 5’ 10” and this rig fits me like a glove.

As a result of all of these adjustability, my initial impressions were this is one of the most well thought out engineered rig I have yet to use. I found the sweet spot for me with in minutes of sitting in the rig for the first time by using the plethora of adjustments the VRC 1000 offer the user. About the only complaint I have, and it’s a small one, but I could see it affecting taller users, is the height of the pedal plate to the bend of the yoke frame height on the front of the rig. Initially I had my pedal plate set as far forward as it will go and my toes barely clear the bended 1 3/4” tubing of the front of the yoke itself.

Time to turn some laps:

Okay it’s here, it’s assembled, my hardware is mounted, all the adjustments are to my liking and it’s time to take this baby out for a test drive. From the minute I sat on the seat and grabbed on to the wheel, I felt like I was sitting in a car and almost forget I was actually in my gaming room itself. The level of immersion I felt from the minute I sat in this rig and completed my first initial lap I was in sim racing Nirvana. I knew this was money well spent and that Carriage Works created a rig that would be the centerpiece of my gaming room for many years to come. Seriously, once I found a good seating position and mounted my steering wheel, pedals, and gear shift, I completely blocked out my surroundings and I was only fixated on the screens (triple panel display) and trying to improve my lap times and cross the finish line first.


  • Build quality – built like a tank with almost no wobble at all
  • Appearance – elegant powder coat finish, looks like racing art
  • Adjustability – This rig offers a plethora of adjustments


  • Can’t rake pedals
  • Shifter arm not adjustable
  • Price – but you get what you pay for and this is money WELL SPENT  for any serious racing fan

Final Verdict:

Bottom line, if you are a fan of racing games, you want a VRC 1000. This rig is the absolute best option at this price point and no other rig offers the same level of comfort, versatility and build quality. Yes, there are cheaper alternatives available, but no other option comes close to the VRC 1000 . It is in a league of it’s own and I doubt it will ever be outdone in it’s price point. If you’re serious about your racing immersion, you owe it to yourself to invest in the VRC 1000

Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

RGN Rating: Platinum Device

Manufacturer: Carriage Works Accessories Inc.

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RGN Daily News #69: Are Nintendo And Microsoft Doing Disservice To Gaming Industry w/ Wii U + Xbox ONE?

RealGamerNewz RGN Daily 2p0 Blank

Topics Include: Shenmue 3 Day, Sony Making Gamer Movies, AC4 Glitch, And More

– Happy Shenmue Day! Shenmue 3 Production Is Now A Real Possibility

– Sony Making Movies, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Watch Dogs – Could All See Film Adaption

– Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Glitch Hurting The Highly Loved 4th Entry’s Image

– Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo – The Situation Financially And Importance Of 2014 Success

– Will Miserable Xbox ONE And Wii U Sales Continue To Be Revealed?

– Xbox ONE’s User Interface Issues Are A Nightmare, Especially w/ Kinect

– Valve Refusing To Market The Steambox To Console Gamers Due To Xbox ONE’s Failed Marketing Issue?

– PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 Has Too Low Of Battery Life

– Review Scores Don’t Reflect The Writing; Criteria From Industry Still Desperately Needed And Its Absence Damages The Business

– Boody’s View On Developers Responding To Reviews On Twitter w/ Lashing Out

– Currently Existing FTC Rules For Reviews Are Not Being Followed By Sites Big & Small

– Xbox ONE Rushed, Their True Vision Will Never Be Known

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20131203 and was last modified on 20131220 .

The State of the Modern Gamer (An Open Letter)

GDC Protest

It’s been quite a remarkable year for gamers but not all things has been pretty. Of all the topics discussed, I believe gamers should be under the microscope this time. This is a letter to the gamer; an observation. A small one indeed, but one that I feel should be spoken. Gamers don’t realize how much their voices effect the industry and how it changes the landscape of it. While I do agree that we should voice our opinions, it’s how we do it that falls under great scrutiny with me and it should with the community.

For instance, comments concerning what console should be bought by a “real” gamer. This is such nonsense!! Whatever the gamer chooses, it is entertainment fitting to their tastes. However the gamer games, he / she is a gamer. Yes, a gamer can want to watch television through their console and game, or play an app on his phone and be a gamer. It is quite possible, you know. How can one say what is for “real” gamers and what is not? To hear gamers describe fellow gamers as “hardcore” or “casual”, with a completely negative opinion towards the mobile market is quite absurd. I would say it’s blowing some subject matters out of proportion.

A good example of a proportion being blown out to the high heavens was the Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco. Hey let’s just get down to the nitty gritty. It wasn’t what we hoped for. We were promised a definitive, graphically beautiful piece of software. What we got was, of course, different. Gamers responded unkindly to them. A class action lawsuit was later filed. Aliens: CM, bottom line, was not that bad of a game. The graphics were dialed back, some of the atmosphere was just a little lost, but overall the game did alright for an Aliens game. It was more or less, more of the same stuff we’ve seen before, I mean really; what Aliens game ever did kick major azz? Tell me… I’ll wait. Yet, I enjoyed my time playing it. Saying that in a forum and you’re guaranteed to get stones thrown your way. So because of some graphic changes, you weren’t able to enjoy the game for what it was? You couldn’t find fun in three buddies fighting aliens alongside with you in dark corridors? You said they lied to you? Well in that case, every developer has lied to you when they presented their game at an exposition. Even your beloved BioShock Infinite is guilty of exaggerating graphics in its marketing.

R U Bout Dat Forum Jockey Life

The latest prime example really needs no introduction, you might have guessed it. The situation surrounding Xbox One, their former policies, pricing, and mandatory Kinect accessory. Now this subject alone is worth its own article discussion. In fact, many bloggers and journalists have done that for you, so I won’t go into a long talk about it. Or maybe I will. First of all, I have to say that it was rather silly to complain about the always online feature. Simply because I don’t know one gamer that unhooks their console from the network. Ever. My PS3 at home connects daily, every morning, to upload cloud saves to the PSN. The only time you can consider it “unhooking” from the net would be when I turn it off. Gamers already keep their consoles connected to the internet so what was really the problem with the policy? Like Neo discovered in the second installment of The Matrix, the problem is choice. But truly, was that something worth looking to crucify MS for? How about the dormant Kinect? In a camera-filled world, you now worry about the Kinect spying on you? Don’t be ridiculous.

Then gamers took to the forums again with negative energy spewing from their keyboards like volcanoes when a reviewer spoke out against The Last of Us. And why would the Sony president, Shuhei Yoshida even react negatively towards the difference of opinion? I read the review and it didn’t seem to be a nitpick. It was a subjective viewpoint of TLOU, experienced by an individual. Still, gamers bashed the reviewer relentlessly and praised Yoshida for tweeting about his disapproval of the review. The outcry was so harsh that the reviewer later retracted his review and in so many words offered a apology to the community, which was completely unnecessary in my opinion. Gamers can dish criticism about developers and publishers but they can’t take criticism on their beloved developers and publishers? Ah, can you say double standard?

It is ironic that gamers who once stood as a symbolism for individuality shared through the love of gaming have gotten to the point of having a class structure within a fixed social ecosystem. Now you either roll with the punches or “get punched” for being different or for having different tastes. We complain about the continuity of franchised games such as Assassin’s Creed and that other military game that we always bring up in a topic of that kind. But of course with our hands we support that because no matter what our mouths say, secretly we don’t like change. Just make our games look graphically good and we’ll forgive you. That’s where it seems to be, that line that is always drawn. If it looks good, we’ll take it. If it’s developed by a beloved developer, we’ll support and worship. If it’s the bandwagon, by all means don’t be a pink elephant and hop on it.

As we move forward gamers, we must realize the weight of our words with the industry, developers, publishers, and fellow gamers. Support your developers but constructively give opinions on their software. Understand and know that what you might declare as a fantastic game will be utter trash to another gamer. Digest information and judge objectively before you seek to crucify. Read the fine print. Understand that the industry is a business first and foremost. If the game beats you, find a way to get off your butt and master it instead of crying foul. We can do better than what we’ve been doing, gamers.

the buffet mentality gamer

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Publisher of Creature Tavern and Bluff Wars 2.0 to Offer Real World Rewards

Creature Tavern

Tired of getting ‘coins’, ‘tokens’, and ‘points’ as rewards for social games? Wouldn’t you rather get real world items/services instead for playing games that you already enjoy? The publisher behind social hits Creature Tavern and Bluff Wars 2.0 which have helped them to reach over $650 million last fiscal quarter will soon release a new series of games that offer exactly that. Exactly what these real world items and services include has yet to be detailed today, however OBJE’s CEO Paul Watson said this about the strategic change in mobile landscape which he and his company are pursuing:

“Essentially, we are giving gamers the option to redeem a product or service for their time spent and a return for the information we use for marketing purposes,”

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Hotline Miami Fan Art is Sizzling Hot

Hotline Miami Fan Art

Check out the following Hotline Miami Fan Art created by Paul Scott who can be found at his website www.draculaisstillathreat.com as well as Facebook and DeviantArt. We came across his stuff and had to share. If you haven’t gotten a chance yet definitely read our Full Hotline Miami Review for the latest PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita game to blow our minds for just ten bucks. True gamers unite! Check out Paul’s stuff and shoot him over a message if you’re looking for an artist with an impressive portfolio.

HotlineMiamiBiker HotlineMiamiBurning HotlineMiamiCar HotlineMiamiJacket HotlineMiamiMSPaint HotlineMiamiRichter HotlineMiamiPixel

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MegaRan Music Update: To Japan, More TRAP Music


Phoenix, AZ
Hip Hop / Alternative / Retro

That’s right! Today is the day that DN3 and I hit the skies for the Land of the Rising Sun to begin tour! 

Don’t get that confused though, we still need backers to hit our goal to complete the album and documentary! If you haven’t yet, please support the cause here! WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT.





if you HAVE backed the project, watch your email for a special update containing some goodies!



And speaking of goodies, if you’re one of the few folks NOT going crazy for Yeezus or some new Jay Z Samsung album, here’s some meaningful music for you, in the form of a remix of TRAP (The King’s Theme) from the TRAP album, featuring MC Pennywise and RoQy TyRaiD. Enjoy and share.






Thanks! I’ll see you in Japan! My schedule:
6/19  OPENING NIGHT @ Daikanyama M, Tokyo
with Aliceffekt, Hige Driver and Professor Sakamoto

6/20  WITH DENSHI KAIMEN @ Kiwa, Tokyo
with special guest SEXY-SYNTHESIZER

6/21  CHEAPBEATS @ Heavy Sick, Tokyo
with Cheapshot, Omodaka, Bun, Hally, Lazerbeat, m7kenji

6/22  PICO PICO CAFE @ Kichijouji, Tokyo
with Bun and special guest Michiru Yamane

6/23  1H1D!!! Vol.31 @ Cafe la Siesta, Kyoto

6/24  MADMILKY RECORDS @ Game Bar Continue, Osaka

6/27  FINALE @ Sabaco, Tokyo
with Kplecraft, Motohiro Kawashima, Kunio, Lazerbeat, m7kenji, Nacky

6/28 THUMBS UP @ Yokohama, Tokyo 
with Volta Masters

6/29 MEGA ROCK FAN FESTA, @ Lapin et Halot, Tokyo
with Hally, Bun, Robokabuto, Tappy


more info at megaranjapan.com! Arigatou!





Black Materia (full album + bonus track)
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Black Materia
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“Random is dreaming of is a world in which “keeping it real” comes to mean rapping about real life, and not just bragging about how much time you’ve spent in prison, or how many people you’ve shot.”  Patrick Taylor, Rapreviews.com

“It may be a little early to declare an Album of the Year for Hip-Hop, but (Black Materia) is certainly a vibrant and unique candidate already.”  Michael Melchor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“some of the most original music to come out of the Valley in years, hip-hop or otherwise.”  Mike R. Meyer, Phoenix New Times

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Tony V’s Garage Everett, WA Fri Jul 12 13 08:00 PM
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