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Then And Now: OnLive’s New Innovations In Cloud Gaming Continue To Pave The Way

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Once upon a time… I was actually very doubtful of games streaming services like OnLive being the future and at one point may have even called it a future flop waiting to happen, but today OnLive has proven me wrong and given way to an entirely new infrastructure model for games companies all over the world to envy and emulate.


One of the main fears that many have with streaming services like OnLive is that their library will one day be invalid, no good, or somehow vaporized. A simple patch if the servers were sunset would easily prevent that, but more importantly so it is exemplary customer service and commitment by companies like OnLive which have proven that relentless support of a streaming games service can result in a well polished product.

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Everything about the user interface at OnLive has been revamped from its past incarnations. Don’t get me wrong, those weren’t entirely bad or unoriginal either. In the original OnLive Beta players were already watching others in ongoing matches that they could join (if co-op / multiplayer) and discover friends during.

This was way ahead of its time and has now become commonplace as industry fixtures like PlayStation Network and Raptr have recently put into place as well, not in light due to the largely visible success of Twitch.TV – all part of a gaming experience that is driven to intuitive gaming selections in the moment with plenty of players to join.

In terms of its micro-console, OnLive is offering a small device that is easy to bring with you places, yet capable of full hardcore gaming experiences anywhere you find a TV and internet connection.

OnLive Cloud Gaming RealGamerNewz

Don’t miss out on your Arkham adventures just because it’s bad timing – there’s sometimes situations where you are willing to bring a small gaming unit but not the entire closet pileup of consoles, PC’s, laptops, iPads, iPods, Tamagotchis, and Gameboy Color peripherals nobody ever figured out the purpose of. Simply grab OnLive’s micro-console and beastly gaming controller to take on the go with you streaming from OnLive’s high quality cloud service once at the destination.

It doesn’t stop there though. At this point, you can play OnLive games on just about anything. There are even exclusive features to doing so at times too. You can play OnLive games through tablets, computers, macbooks, and even some smart televisions without any additional hardware required. OnLive can even be side-loaded onto the Amazon Fire TV in case you’ve got one of those and don’t want the OnLive Micro Console itself. However, I personally would expect the service to perform best on its own dedicated hardware OnLive Micro Console, but it’s still great that the option was given for those on as many existing platforms as possible to play OnLive.

Take a look below at the OnLive Micro Console and its game controller.

OnLive Micro Console

More to come as we investigate hands-on the OnLive service across a variety of devices.

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IndieSpotlight: Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus

RealGamerNewz IndieSpotlight- Dungeons- The Eye of Draconus

Welcome back to our favorite new RealGamerNewz Section, IndieSpotlight, in which we attempt to bring to the surface independently developed video games that are more than worth your attention. A good while back (before the RGN fireworks party about a new Micro-Console being announced and put into hardware beta called the OTON X) we had the chance to speak with some really creative and technically skilled professionals who had put together a game called Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus which is a coming-soon, work-in-progress game you can see at the bottom of this screen in a very early version of the title recorded in Full 1080P High Definition.


Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus is a 2D Brawler type game which if you find yourself as one of those types of gamers that feels the need to compare directly to others then in essence of gameplay mechanics Golden Axe from the Sega Genesis days could be passed as a game that definitely helped inspire a title like Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus. With a screen full of over 50 characters at any given time though, Eye of Draconus gets a lot more intense. A comedic style is used to keep things from getting too edgy.

With 3 player co-op featured for both online and local multiplayer, gamers are faced with a plot-driven narrative told through dialogue and cutscenes and based on live action series. This game has been in development for 5 years plus 2 years for the script during internship and the developers had to fight to get the control of their content rights back for this IP that has taken nearly a decade to bring to essence.

RealGamerNewz Gameplay IndieSpotlight- Dungeons- The Eye of Draconus

A linear, episodic tale is told through Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus similar to Telltale’s The Walking Dead Video Games. Coding manually and doing the art themselves, this team really went the extra mile to deliver a quality polish and it shows. Online play optimization has been prioritized for the final build while more features are to follow on top of the base game’s design ambitions.

Starting from the top this title is a comedic (think Conker’s Bad Fur Day funny), action-packed hack and slash game featuring chain combos, 1-2 swing power hits, and each character has a special ability as well as the additional gameplay opportunities presented by obtaining mounts. Mounts with breathing fire for example!

In terms of the plot, Episode 1 gets players familiar with characters going after a treasure and yet embodying anti-heroes. The main characters are roaming around trying to find a way to rise up to glory. Things like small goals lead characters into a situation where crap hits the fan and action must be taken. A funny demeanor will hit to keep things up pace but there are some plot twists designed to inject some emotional value to the actions the gamer is taking during the narrative of the game.

RealGamerNewz Gameplay 2 IndieSpotlight- Dungeons- The Eye of Draconus

So, three reject heroes unite. Bolax with the alcoholic-diabetes-itis syndrome, in for his next drink and Gleobryn the cleric with total dropout/screwup spells going wrong every where you turn and then doing awesome things by accident. Why couldn’t have done that when I needed him to!? Then there’s Rose. Rose is a thief so selfish that her own self interests may get in the way of her own best interests… not to mention others! Bad luck has a way of following her like a dark cloud, possibly as payment for a lifetime of bad credit with the Karma corporation.

Dungeons: The Eye of Draconus is based on fun factor, does its best to present a compelling and immersive story and world to play in, and hones the gameplay design back to an age where intuitive controls and rewarding experiences were mastered for the art direction which also ties together to, all in all, make this game a pretty complete package.

RealGamerNewz Gameplay 3 IndieSpotlight- Dungeons- The Eye of Draconus

There are loose goals when playing through the game. There is no noble cause but instead players are out there trying to get money and mess some people up until they run across an entity that will change their focus and give them something that will potentially change their way of thinking, and their way of life. If you’re still not getting it by my mammoth hints, the quest of a life time.

Official 1080P Video of Work-In-Progress Game:


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OTON X Beta Registration + OTON Kick-Off Video For “Automated Games Platform” [HD 1080P]


The OTON X is a new type of video games and entertainment micro-console being produced that claims to have made game development virtually automated. Games will somehow be generated automatically. Take a look at the video below for more information and Beta Sign Ups Are Here.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Mitch Walters on 20140301 and was last modified on 20140301 .