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Destiny Hard Mode Crota Isn’t As Hard As It Looks..


Bungie finally released the hard mode raid the Crota’s End on January 22. The top five contenders finish this battle in under one hour,very impressive. My raid team didn’t complete this fight in under a hour but we did complete the whole raid in under three hours and for the first part of the troll cave you are capable of receiving a 32 gauntlet,shards a pulse rifle or even a auto rifle. These rewards aren’t guaranteed so you can escape with a just shards. The second part of the raid is basically the bridge pretty easy once you practice it on normal .But a bit hard if you never did this legit. So if your just wondering how you do this I’ll explain this in steps.

Always send the titans over the bridge first due to the fact that if they have the helm of the saint 14 they can go across the bridge,drop the sword place the ward of the dawn on the gatekeeper that could blind him and you can pick up the sword and bash him. if you don’t have the helm then which to striker class and use flash grenades. There will be knights that will be shooting you down, just be careful. Make sure you give people there roles so nobody is lost and run around like a chicken with there head cut off. Once everybody is across then half the team push right side with gjallahorn three shots will kill the ogre on the right . Then push the same people to the left side and take out the ogre (gjallahorn isn’t a must but is the most effective weapon). Once the ogre are down then the loot drops which can be chest armor, leg armor pulse rifle and assault rifle. The next step is the deathsinger there’s a trick to this and the trick is if you complete this on normal then you will not get no rewards on hard so the best thing to do is complete it on normal so you can skip it to hard. So once you beat the deathsinger have a friend save the checkpoint on Crota so you can do this on all your guardians.

So once you get to Crota himself you need allot of teamwork and communication. The loot that drops is a shader that glows in the dark, a badass ship, crux of the Crota, a hand cannon, scout rifle, or an exotic. Check out the video below to see the communication and teamwork and a great way how to defeat Crota himself.


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