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3 Million #Destiny Gamers Played New Raid In Just 24 Hours, @Bungie Announces New Mode

Destiny RealGamerNewz New Game Modes DLC 1

Dual Duel

-is a new 2 versus 2 double skirmish competitive multiplayer mode announced by Bungie and will be available for the week in Crucible. Jump in with one of your best friends, fam, or partners and get your game on as a two man army with Level Advantages Disabled, Small Team Tactics, and the ability to Revive your team mate. Why are we doing this? Because New Monarchy seeks those capable of reclaiming the frontier, one battle at a time, that’s why. Rewards include Crucible Gear, Crucible Marks, Crucible Reputation, and of course you can earn rep for your company if wearing their mark – which should be the New Monarchy for your main since the World Order will soon be achieved, have you seen the value of the Euro lately?

Our New Monarchy will be established soon to usher in the next Era, so get ready for the first experimental game mode from Destiny to celebrate the beginning of a series of experimental game modes which will be released soon according to Lars Bakken (Lead Designer at Bungie) who also gave a few more hints about what to expect in Dual Duel, calling it “a slower burn with more explosive pockets.”


  • Doubles is the first experiment
  • More New theoretical game modes coming soon
  • Two Guardian Fireteams
  • Heavy ammo appears once a match
  • Revives enabled
  • “It’s a gun game. Lars advises you to rely more on your wits, your weapon, and a strategy shared with only one other player. “Your Supers will come back more slowly because you’re not getting as many actions per minute as you would in a game of Control.”” – Bungie

  • “Space Magic will be at a premium. Use it wisely for the big plays. The most you’ll ever score is a Double Down, so make it count.” – Bungie

Destiny RealGamerNewz New Game Modes DLC 2


Bungie has announced that the new difficulty mode for Crota’s End on Destiny (its latest Raid available as a part of the Destiny Season Pass) has been attempted over half a million times. More than 3 million players have jumped in and one team in particular managed to get it done first within less than half an hour, and with proof that there was no exploiting seen in the footage below.

Destiny RealGamerNewz New Game Modes DLC 3

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