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Microsoft announces Project xCloud for the future of gaming anytime, anywhere

Today, Microsoft has announced their plans for investing in the future of cloud gaming. While they recognize that this new service is unlikely to be any gamer’s main platform of choice for the foreseeable future, Project xCloud is more about working out the kinks and glitches to be prepared for when that day comes that cloud streaming video games are a viable option. Using their massive Azure server platform (which was also offered as a source of dedicated servers for Xbox ONE games), Microsoft will deliver cutting edge cloud gaming through Project xCloud to devices like PC and smartphones. Unlike other cloud gaming services, Microsoft’s xCloud has custom features and controls built for each game.

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OnLive Bought Out By Sony Today

OnLive Bought Out By Sony 3

Rest In Peace OnLive, after being up and running for just 5 years everyone’s fears have now come true. Those who paid into the OnLive service will lose access to the game’s they’ve paid for on April 30, 2015 as Sony’s purchase of their infrastructure finalizes and the cloud game streaming service is shut down for good. We all saw this coming a mile away, for a long time now the company has been struggling and it’s a miracle they even survived long enough to be acquired by Sony. Hopefully this serves as a warning for those attempting to make massive profit margins off of cloud-based gaming, though we sincerely doubt that. As for Sony’s acquirement it is currently unclear exactly what they plan to do with the OnLive technology but we offer a few speculations as well as run down the details of this industry news event in today’s RGN Podcast.

RGN Video Podcast:

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